Four Questions that Transform Your Leadership

Questions A typical day is made of a string of questions we must ask and answer. You have them. I have them. Every person alive on the planet has them. 

When you think of it, our existence is simply a pile of actions based upon decisions we make. To learn, grow, and become better, you will have to go make better decisions. Your personal growth won't happen on its own. It will require your active participation. 

Here are the four questions and keys that come into play: 

1.What do I need to stop doing? Your learning and growth will mean you will need to stop some actions. The harmful ones are obvious. But it's the actions that have worked for you in the past that are the hardest to stop. 

The old saying is, "What got you where you are today will not be where you want to go tomorrow." 

THE KEY is to make them hard to do. Self-imposed barriers and constraints so you don't slip into old habits. 

2.What do I need to start doing? Your learning and growth will mean that you must start doing some actions you're not used to taking. You may be uncomfortable doing them. They may seem awkward, putting you at risk of failure or ridicule. 

THE KEY is to make these new actions easy to do. Set up whatever tricks you need to make the new habits a part of your life. 

3.What do I need to keep doing? Your learning and growth won't impact everything you do. Some actions will remain the same. For example, you'll still need a morning routine. What should it include to have the maximum impact?

THE KEY is to separate these from the other three groups of actions, so you preserve their continued healthy contribution to your growth.

4.What do I need to change? Your learning and growth will mean that some actions will need to continue but take on a different form. For example, if you read a couple pages a day and your transformation requires more reading, you'll need to step up your game. 

THE KEY is to carve out the time for your mental, physical, and emotional energy to do things a little differently. 

Here's the deal. Only the courageous commit to change and follow through. I believe you are courageous. How can I say that? I believe everyone is designed to be courageous. Some people just choose to live a default life and not invest in changing and growing. 

Ask the right questions to help determine the life you want to live. Seek the answers to some of life's most difficult questions and find ways to take actions based upon the answers.