How to Get Things Done

All the plans in the world mean little if they do not get done. Many of us just float through life doing the bare minimum to survive. We don’t set goals, identify where we want to be in five years, or make much effort to change our present state in any way. We just exist. 

Do you feel this way? Lost along the road of life. Everywhere you look there is a coach or motivational expert telling you that all it takes is a little this or a little that to exceed in life. Often the question is if you would like to make more money? A “side hustle” they call it. You don’t have to know much, or even put in much effort to get rich quick! The exciting part is that they are willing to teach you how they did it. 

Ever wonder why, if they made so much money with a particular side hustle, they are willing to make you a competitor? 

So how do you get things done? Does it take a “to do” list, a process, system, or program? It may or may not work for you. There is a closely guarded secret if nothing else is working for you. I will reveal it to you, but you may not be in the right frame of mind to do it. It is a proven concept to make you more productive and accomplish more. 

Here it is…Make it fun if you want it done!

What Is Fun, Anyway? In a recent article by Erin Rupp, she shares the writing and research of Catherine Price. Ms. Price offers that “there are probably as many definitions of fun as there are people on this planet. Fun can’t be defined by a specific action, activity, or thing. The concept of fun results from many factors, and it means different things to each of us." 

In her work, The Power of Fun: How To Feel Alive Again, she explores the concept of fun and why it’s essential in our lives. Drawing on her writing and research in fields such as happiness and positive psychology and new polls with her Fun Squad, Price developed and validated a working definition of fun. According to Price, True Fun occurs when three elements come together: 

  • Playfulness: Being lighthearted and doing things with little concern for the outcome.
  • Connection: The sense of being in touch with another person.
  • Flow: Being so focused and immersed in the present experience that you lose track of time.

 These elements can help you prioritize True Fun in your life. You can begin to create new opportunities for playfulness, connection, and flow in your life by learning how to recognize where they already exist. 

Rupp suggests that we all have daily routines, but, according to a study, they’re not that exciting. Approximately two-thirds of American adults said they felt limited in living a fulfilled and happy life. And only 53% of respondents said they get “enough” fun, despite 97% believing that it is important. Considering the numerous studies that prove fun is vital to our well-being and crucial to workplace productivity, performance, and morale, it’s evident we need a funtervention (her term)

Fun can actually be a trigger to boost your productivity. Research has found that people who can mentally disconnect from work experience less work-related fatigue, procrastinate less, and do their jobs more effectively. 

I will share ideas for how to make things fun and testimony for what it has accomplished in a future article.  In the meantime, don’t take yourself too seriously and get things done!