The TRUTH of Democracy

We are hearing a great deal these days about "threats to democracy' and how certain people or policies will bring democracy to an end.

I have an interesting question, as a result, that is being glossed over in trying to get us to believe something else. 

What is democracy?

There is OneTRUTH to this question but several different perspectives and uses in claiming threats to it. Democracy is a system of government where the power lies with the people

This can be exercised directly by the people or through elected representatives. Key features of democracy include free and fair elections, protection of human rights, and the rule of law

We elect people to represent us, here in America, but we have given them too much power and independence without adequate oversight. Let’s look at each of these points separately and add some context or TRUTH.

The first is free and fair elections. What does this mean today? Who should be allowed to vote in elections, according to our constitution, and how do we make sure this is enforced or regulated. Should thousands of illegal immigrants be allowed to vote? Why do some parts of government resist so strongly the requirement for voter IDs? Why are the methods and timing of elections being changed so much?

These are all essential questions to ask and answer when trying to get at the TRUTH of free elections. 

Let’s look at human rights next. Why is DEI being pushed so hard in our society today, and being rejected so strongly? What is Cancel Culture and how did it become so prevalent that we are tearing down parts of our society that have stood for years without question? 

Yes, we have made many mistakes as a nation in human rights, but we have also made incredible progress. But can these changes be advanced when they call for reparations, centuries later and with people that have helped to make the corrections? Should small groups with loud voices be recognized above the millions that have fought for changes and a better life for all? Should we allow protests and riots to happen, burning down properties of and looting from those that have tried to help? Should they not be fully prosecuted for their crimes or let go for political reasons? Who defines human rights in our society today?

What is the rule of law? Is it equal justice for all or should a few be prosecuted for “made-up” crimes while thugs and rapists are set free or slapped on the wrist? Can we allow the “weaponization” of our legal system or branches of our government that takes away the rights of people? Should those that have acquired incredible wealth because of the freedoms and opportunities this country has provided, be able to use that wealth to fund “officials” who want to do us harm by their inactions and deceit? Can we allow power and deceit to happen at levels not intended within our Constitution? Do we have a two-tier system of justice? TRUTH is that the rule of law is not now equal or just!

Who or what is the greatest threat to democracy today? 

I suggest that it is those that do not seek the TRUTH, those that accept and believe lies, those that promote and embrace evil! 

There is no political party fully exempt from these threats to democracy. Our greatest threat is when people do not understand that power lies within themselves and fully transfers it, or even just a portion of it, to corrupt politicians and the power-hungry individuals.

What is the real threat? 

No group of people can maintain a democratic government for very long if a majority of the people—or a majority of the government—believe that some other form of government is better. Therefore, a minimum condition for the continued existence of a democracy is that a substantial proportion of both the people and the leadership believes that our democratic government is better than any feasible alternative. This is the reason people must become engaged in their future. There is a minority of forces, and a complacent media, that is trying to convince us that there is a better alternative than the freedoms and opportunities currently being enjoyed.  Why is this? How is it possible? They are doing so to gain power and authority over us. And, most interesting, they are often using the threat of losing our democracy as a tool, and they are trying to divide us, because they understand the power of people united.

We call upon our elected officials and all Americans to demand more, to seek the TRUTH, and to protect Democracy as it was intended to be by our Founding Fathers, and for which countless Americans have fought and died!