19 Mar

It is what people fear the most but would give almost anything to have happen in their lives!

We live in a challenging time, a time when our futures are uncertain because things are happening so rapidly and drastically. It is difficult for us to look into the future with any clear understanding. And yet we seek change, a movement from our present state towards something better or even just different.

Hope is the foundation of change.  People change because they have hope, and if they do not have hope they will not change.  Without change it may be impossible to keep up with these time.  You, and only you, are responsible for the changes that you make in your life.   Positive change is possible in your life no matter your current situation.

It starts with a change in your thinking. What has been the focus of your thoughts?  Have your current problems, the threat of Coronavirus, finding a job that fulfills you, repairing a relationship, or something else that has overwhelmed you, been controlling your thinking? This frame of mind forms your beliefs about the world and a conviction about your ability to change. Take one thought at a time and address possible solutions to the problems it possesses. When you break down thinking into manageable parts it tends to reduce the perceived risks associated with change and solutions appear.

Belief that you can accomplish something is the first step towards success. We look at any task and have an internal feeling about our ability to change.  We believe that we can accomplish the task.  The power of beliefs is immense.  Almost anything can be accomplished if we can convince ourselves that it is possible. It is a matter of determining a certain expectation.  If we believe that we can or we believe we cannot, we are correct.

Most people tend to get use to the way things are and become fearful or upset when they are no longer that way.  They have not come to expect things any other way.  When we change our expectations we change our attitude towards things. Almost nothing can replace a positive attitude.  When we expect success, we are more likely to succeed.

Attitude is the key to behavior.  When we begin to look at things differently, they begin to look different.  We begin to act differently towards them and have different expectations.  We invest in their success and believe that things will turn out somewhat different.

The status quo is our greatest enemy at this point.  It is so much easier to continue to do the same things, even though they have not been working, than to change what we do to do something different.  Sometime all it takes is one small “win” or a simple success.  Look for them, embrace them, and celebrate them for what they are.  Guard against slipping back into old ways or easy habits.  Change your behaviors and you will begin to see changes in your performance.

When you change your performance you will change your life.  Accept nothing but the best.  Do not make excuses.  Do not allow the world to pull you back into your old ways.  Do it differently with greater confidence that you can take on whatever the world throws your way and be successful.

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