26 Mar

I recently set out to make individual connections with each of my 3,000+ contacts I currently have on LinkedIn.  Like many, I took most of them for granted; perhaps a congratulations on a new position of Happy Birthday but seldom beyond.  I knew a few personally but many I have never met, connecting only because they asked or I thought that I should reach out to them because who they are or what they they do.

It takes a forced level of isolation to begin to understand the importance of being and staying connected.  To date I have sent message to only about 750 individuals.  In response I have heard back from about 115, a much higher percentage thanI anticipated.  Many responded with just a simple 'Thank You' or "I am doing fine, how about you."  Others spent considerable time crafting a more detailed of complete reply.  Throughout this journey, so far, I have begun to understand that we need to be connected as humans and that we appreciate it when someone does reach out.  I am excited to continue my journey and reach more of my connections, no matter how long it takes.

I encourage you to find a way to reach out to others yourself!  I would love to hear from you and will respond as I can. 

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