28 Mar

I'm continuing on with my quest to send a personal note to all 3,000+ contacts I have on LinkedIn.  I just sent out my 1,000ed message.  

What a blessing this has been!  I have had the opportunity to re-connect with people I have not talked with for 3 or 4 years.  With about 160 responses to date I have received a wide variety of messages.  Everything from the thumbs up icon to somewhat lengthy and even personal notes.  Everyone has been at least positive and appreciative.

As these times are evolving, I have found some level of fear, but it is mostly a strong resolve to get through this and get on with our lives.  Safety is a factor, but so is a strong commitment to family and friends.  I have heard from business leaders, contractors, salesmen, secretaries, business owners, and just plain folks.  I've been asked to specifically pray for people, help with their businesses, share requests for donations and services, and many other tasks that I will share with all of you soon.

Here is what I have learned:

  1. We are a strong people with a commitment to one another
  2. We are people of faith, people that understand that God is in control
  3. We are a people of Hope, who know that better days are ahead
  4. We are a people who are capable of changing and adjusting to meet a changing world

Let me leave you today with something I heard recently... "How will we do what we do in a different world?"  I believe that we are capable of adapting, re-inventing ourselves, and of rising to any challenge we may face.  Stay well and stay strong!

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