26 Feb

The remainder of this quote goes..."for they do nothing to stir your imagination." I wish that I knew the origins of this quote. It is one that I have tried to follow throughout my life. BIG DREAMING has been an essential part of who I am.

Dreams, however, have little IMPACT unless you are able to implement them, unless you take definite and deciding steps to help them become a reality. My greatest desire, like many, is to have an IMPACT in the world...to truly make a difference in the lives of others.

This appears to come so naturally to some as they find opportunities and pathways that "fit" them so naturally. Their interests and experiences produce organizations, programs, or solutions that IMPACT the lives of others in incredible ways.

In recent posts I have shared with you some of my dreams. My path has not been nearly as easy or direct. I have stumbled and taken wrong steps, and have been distracted. It is easy to begin doubting your dreams and to question your abilities. Life has not always been easy on my dreams, but life is a tremendous teacher.

One of the things I have realized the most is that the things I have done have mattered; I have impacted many lives in so many ways that I did not realize or even try to count. First, I have been blessed by an incredible family. Second, I have had the opportunity to serve some great organizations, making a significant difference in the lives of seniors, helping kids reach greater potentials, supporting an industry that provides safe and quality housing, and promoting sustainability. I have helped to attract business and industry (jobs), promoted workforce development, improve the life and vitality of communities, and raised several million dollars for important causes. I organized and implemented important events that educated, influenced, and promoted. And my list goes on.

It is not been my intent to self promote or brag. My point is to come to an important self realization that my value does not exist in dreaming big dreams or in realizing them. My IMPACT on the world comes from doing the very best I can in everything that comes my way in life, learning from my experiences, and doing even better the next time I have the opportunity. My value comes from my faith and through endurance. For the faithful there is no failure, and faith knows no weariness.

They say that Edison came close to giving up many times through countless failures. Walt Disney and Milton Hershey both failed in business before becoming household names. Perhaps the real value of "dreaming no small dreams..." is to establish expectations for yourself and what you are capable of doing.

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