25 Apr

Everyone in life has setbacks, both big and small.  The bigger ones may impact you more, but even the smaller ones can take a toll on the way we think and feel.  It is how we deal with these setbacks that make all the difference.

Let us star with a simple definition: perseverance is the ability to keep doing something in spite of obstacles; choosing to keep at it, trying and showing gratitude for the opportunity to press on no matter what.  It is often the difference between success and failure. 

This is one of my favorite illustrations emphasizing the basic concept of perseverance...Never Give Up!  But there is more to it.

Have you ever completed something that you may even feel was a success, only to later realize all the ways it could have been better?  Perseverance does not always mean obstacles or hardships.  What we perceive as success may be hidden in the lack of perseverance.  This does not mean that success is unobtainable.  It only means that we sometimes settle for less than the best if we have not pushed hard enough or if something comes too easy. 

Perseverance, by its nature, will lead to achievements which are the direct result of hard work and the desire to push forward until you have reached it.  Perseverance is insisting on reaching your vision but staying flexible on how you get there.  The results are a joy that supplies an inner peace unattached to the influences of the material world, but rather sustains our ability to “stick” things out, especially in challenging times when it seems that giving up is the only option. It is not easy to obtain perseverance, but it is a critical trait for our world today.  

So, what are some of the ways you can apply when facing obstacles or reaching for higher levels?  Perhaps these points will help: 

  • Do not be afraid to fail, for without failure you cannot become resilient.  You learn so much through failure1
  • Have a growth mindset, finding some way to improve every day.
  • Take risks that challenge you and your abilities.  They raise the possibilities of facing more difficult situations. Iron sharpens iron!
  • Seek understanding of resistance and understanding of what is trying to hold you back.  When resistance is identified it loses its power.
  • Exercise helps with mental resilience. Use it to help you complete tasks.
  • Build a network of support that will allow you to have a comfortable place to open up and get feedback and encouragement.
  • Focus on goals, write down your short and long-term goals as a “True North” when things get crazy and confusing.
  • Set clear benchmarks and rewards along the way to encourage an =d reward your progress.
  • Why are you doing this? What is the original reason you set out on your path?

I will continue with the topic of perseverance and its importance in another post.  I welcome your comments and thoughts on this important subject!

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