13 Feb

We tend to identify a number of different things as obstacles to our success.  Environmental factors, our lack of finances, the inability to get experience, our level of education, family, hardships, and other people are all given as excuses. It is so much easier to blame factors that we do not believe we can control than to focus on the biggest obstacle standing in the way of our success.

Before sharing this obstacle let’s focus a minute on successful people. What makes them successful and how do we define success?  Success is most often defined in terms of finances, achievements, position, or some other measure we define.  In doing so, there is usually no limit to the level of success.  Once someone obtains a Million Dollars, they beginning seeking their second Million.  If they own one business, they begin to seek how to own more.  There is nothing basically wrong with these desires except that the target for success continues to shift.

It does not take much of a search on the Internet to find many examples, and even more programs for achieving success.  Everyone has a plan, a book, w webinar, a “proven” process, or other formula for success.  There are millionaires, public speakers, consultants, and other so-called experts that will describe how they became an overnight success. 

The biggest obstacle standing in the way of our success  is YOU!   More specifically, it is a lack of belief in yourself and your attitude about you.  Whatever you expect to happen with confidence, will happen.   Your positive attitude makes all the difference.

It has been scientifically proven that our brains will react to a clearly defined and passionate goal in such a way that it will zero in on resources, learn faster and more specifically, identify opportunities, and find other ways to assist us in our quest.  This level of clarity is only achieved through belief, consistency of action, blocking out distractions, and focusing entirely on ways to accomplish what you have identified.

The most important thing in all of this is passion.   It is the focusing factor that helps us block out all else and achieve what the rational mind might feel is impossible.  Passion is not measurable; you either have passion about something or you do not.  It cannot be faked or done halfway.  Passion makes us pursue success with every ounce of knowledge, energy, and ability we have.

The biggest obstacle standing in your way is a lack of belief in yourself. 

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