19 Oct

Throughout our lives we are given the opportunity to make millions of choices. We can lie or tell the truth, act or do nothing, engage in activities we know are wrong or do the right thing.   Almost every choice has one or more related circumstance or consequence.  They can be, like the choices we make, either positive or negative. 

There are things that happen out of our control but even with them we have choices.  These choices also have circumstances.  Most everything else in our lives is the result of an action or decision that we make! 

We hear a great deal about others that take actions, make rules, or render decisions that impact us.  We are quick to play the “blame game” that something is not our fault but is the result of these decisions, and we complain that a “right” has been taken away.  

The choices we make are foundational to TRUTH.  As a society we establish certain TRUTHS, a set of guidelines or outright limits that direct who we are and what we can do.  Our rights as American citizens are defined by our Constitution. These rights, guidelines and limits are constantly reviewed and tweaked to reflect changes, but for the most part remain pretty much in tack. They are essential for society to continue with some level of peace and consistency. 

One particular right of every member of our society is to challenge these rules if they feel they are unjust or unfair.  But we have processes and procedures built in to challenge how these guidelines and limits can be changed.  This is because we have evil persons and individuals in our society that are out only for their own good, and not the good of the society.  

It is also essential, however, to point out that there are some basic TRUTHs and rules that cannot be broken without some form of severe consequences.  You shall not kill, for example, or you should not steal.  Adultery use to be a given no, and much of our society also depends upon not bearing a false witness. These basic TRUTHS can be challenged, based upon certain circumstances, but are generally upheld by honest and responsible people.  We live in a country of tremendous freedoms that came at the expense of our forefathers, but they come with responsibilities and obligations. 

We are becoming more and more of a divided society.  Certain segments are demanding specific rights and are seeking to impose these rights on others.  We must begin to question if there are limits on what can be TRUE, and if these rights are conflicting with each other to the point that we can no longer function as a society.  Will the choices we make no longer impact any of us with circumstances or consequences?  Can a society without guidelines or limits even continue to exist?  Where is the point of reason and balance? 

We are, as a nation, facing several key decisions that will, most likely, continue to divide us further. There will be considerable discussions about “rights” and there will be circumstances associated with the decisions made. Strong emotions are at the heart of the discussions and not everyone will be totally satisfied. But reason and TRUTH must prevail.  

Truth must originate from somewhere. Many things can have truth, but only one thing can actually be the Truth. As a society we must discover and act upon that one thing.  Let me know what you think? Share this post to continue the discussion with reason and civility.  It is a discussion worth having!

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